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Saturday, 16 Dec 2017

Products & Systems

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DTS - Distributed Temperature Sensing

Technology for measuring temperature along a fibre cable is normally based on Raman-signal analyses. This technology is provided for both sale and rent by HydroResearch.

Sensor Fibre and Cable

In distributed detection system, the fibre is the sensor. Special cables for dam applications have been developed together with manufactures and tested in research projects. HydroResearch is an authorized dealer of high quality fibre cables. Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

DTSS - Distributed Strain Sensing Systems

A unique capability to measure both temperature and strain along a fibre has recently been developed. The DTSS (Distributed Temperature and Strain Sensor) can be used with specially designed strain measuring optical fibre cable for movement and subsidence monitoring along dams and dykes. The system has a range of up to 24km with 1ºC and 20*10^-6m and is currently offered as a service.

Services and Software

These products are a result of more than 10 years of research and several pilot installations. Our products are all designed, developed and tested for the use in dams. Based on our experience of our products and their application in dam monitoring we offer unique and qualified services including:

Design of cable layout (based on pre-calculations and sensitivity analyses), and instructions for the installation of the cable;

  • - Final installations and system set-up for single measurements or monitoring;
  • - Evaluation of data;
  • - Software for evaluation and data visualisation;
  • - Site dependent software for automatic monitoring/evaluation and alarm settings, and
  • - Training and technology transfer.