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Saturday, 16 Dec 2017

Temperature Evaluation - DamTemp

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Software package for evaluation of temperature field in embankment dams

Temperature monitoring in embankment dams is a sensitive way to detect and quantify seepage anomalies. Interpretation of data is however complicated. DamTemp has been developed to simplify the evaluation for a common case in embankment dams - increased seepage in a limited zone through the dam core. The program gives an improved understanding of the thermal processes in embankment dams.

DamTemp is user friendly with easy input of data, help functions, several windows for different ways of presentations, and several export facilities. Field data can then easily be compared with calculated data. The manual describes the basic assumptions of the program and includes several evaluation examples. General aspects of thermal monitoring are also included. Dam Safety Interest Group (DSIG) supported the development of this program.

Free demo version of DamTemp:

Damtemp Demo + Manual (.zip) 2 Mb
Damtemp Demo (.exe) 1 Mb
Damtemp Manual (.pdf) 0.9 Mb