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Saturday, 16 Dec 2017


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Seepage Monitoring System in Dams Based on Temperature Measurements Using Optical Fibres

The system is developed based on experience from about 70 dams where we have installed cables during the last 15 years. We have seen an increasing need and interest of permanent monitoring systems with on‐line evaluation of data. Our answer is XSeepT™, which stands for:

X‐ Export and visualisation of measured temperature and evaluated Seepage flow, based on Temperature measurements.

Systems are installed in hydropower dams (E.On, two units and Statkraft, one unit) and tailings dams (LKAB, three units and Boliden, two units).

The XSeepT™ ‐ System consists of:

Fibre optic cables

Monitoring system (DTS)

WEB‐based software with user interface for

– Visual presentation of all data and manual data export

– Seepage evaluation for the entire dam

– Calculated seepage flows for selected lengths

– Detection of sudden temperature changes

– Surveillance of monitoring performance

• Automatic export of selected evaluated data to SCADA/ADAS

– IP protocols (Modbus TCP, *IEC104, XML)
– *Analogue (4‐20mA / 0‐10V)
– Alarm output (*24V / E‐mail / SMS )




Examples of data presentation showing evaluated seepage flow rates for different parts of the dam (left) and measured temperature (right) along the dam (at two dates) and in two points with time.

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