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Saturday, 16 Dec 2017

Seitevare Dam

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Seepage Evaluation from three temperature Measurement

The Seitevare dam is located in the Lilla Luleälven River some 70km north of Jokkmokk, in the northern part of Sweden. With a length of ca 1.5km and more than 100m high Seitevare is among the largest dams in Sweden. The main purpose of measurements taken at the dam was to evaluate the seepage flow at the toe and movement detection on the crest. The measurements of the dam movement are a part of a research project funded by Elforsk AB.

Installation for Seepage Measurement

A multimode fibre cable was installed at the dam toe passing just at the bottom of the drainage system in order to measure the temperature variation of the water entering into the drainage system.


Although an accurate evaluation of the seepage flow would require several measurements, concentrated seepage flow areas can be detected after just a short measurement. The total seepage flow was estimated to 70l/s, using the DamTemp software. The results presented in the figure are based on three temperature measurements. The total seepage flow was calculated to 54l/s, varying between 10-5 and 10-4m3/(m,s) along the dam.

These results are well in accordance with the flow registered by the conventional seepage flow measurements. It is our understanding that the accuracy of the seepage flow evaluation would improve with further temperature data collection. The system would also be sensitive to detect small local changes of the seepage flow. Consequently, a permanent monitoring system would provide the dam owner with valuable detailed information along the length of the dam.