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Fibre for a healthy life

Promotion film for Swedcold lunch sponsored by HydroResearch.

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Welcome to HydroResearch

Providing advanced system for evaluating embankment dams. To put it short - we care about temperature.

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HydroResearch introducing XSeepT™. A brand new system for seepage monitoring in dams based on temperature measurements using optical fibres.

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Distributed Sensing...

with Fibre Optical Sensors using various market-leading DTS Systems.

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Resistivity measurements is another area of expertise where we are developing new geophysical methods to evaluate leakage in embankment dams.

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Renewable Energy

We care about the environment and want to support and develop secure thinking around embankment dams so that water power can continue to provide societies with electricity.

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Saturday, 29 Apr 2017

Primary Contact

To send feedback, suggestions or if you have other questions please contact us:


E-mail: info [a] hydroresearch . se

Phone/Fax: + 46 8 756 4950


One of our reference cases


Aitik Tailings dam

Sweden’s largest tailings dam is at Aitik outside Gällivare in the northern part of Sweden. The tailing has a total volume of about 300 million m3. The tailings dams have a total length of about 8 km. A part of “Dam E-Fs extension” at Aitik failed in September 2000. A new dam was immediately constructed at the same place in which two fiber optic cables were installed in order to measure temperature and strain. These parameters are fundamental in dam monitoring and give information about both seepage flow and sliding at each metre along the dam. Temperature measurements have been performed twice, but strain measurements still have to be done.